Welcome to Our Home

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Our Home Universalist Unitarian Church is a progressive, welcoming, and inclusive church that has served the Pine Belt of Mississippi since 1906

Our Home Church is a caring, diverse and welcoming faith community. If you are looking for a spiritual home that will embrace you and your family in whatever way you define it, please consider joining us.

We keep our minds open to the religious questions people have struggled with in all times and places.

We believe that personal experience, conscience, and reason should be the final authorities in religion. In the end, religious authority lies not in a book, person or institution, but in ourselves. We put religious insights to the test of our hearts and minds.

We uphold the free search for truth. We will not be bound by a statement of belief. We do not ask anyone to subscribe to a creed. We say ours is a non-creedal religion. Ours is a free faith.

We believe that religious wisdom is ever changing. Human understanding of life and death, the world and its mysteries, is never final. We celebrate unfolding truths known to teachers, prophets, and sages throughout the ages.

We affirm the worth of all. We believe people should be encouraged to think for themselves. We know people differ in their opinions and lifestyles, and we believe these differences generally should be honored.

We seek to act as a moral force in the world, believing that ethical living is the supreme witness of religion. We know that our relationships with one another, with diverse peoples, races, and nations, should be governed by justice, equity, and compassion.

We believe in working for more justice, peace, and love in our world.

For more information about what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist, please visit UUA.org